Wherein I change my life

I am sick of it.  I am sick of living like a pack rat.  I am sick of looking like a pig.  I am sick of hiding.

I’ve got some things going on in my life right now, and they made me realize that I have no life, nor have I for the last 10 to 20 years.  I have been on cruise control, doing nothing but getting older and fatter and more boxed in by useless junk.  So, I’ve decided to change all that.

I know I said I would change before, and sometimes it lasted for a week or two before I backslid into my old habits.  This time is different.  This time I’m serious.

I have already placed myself on a weight loss diet.  Yeah, yeah, dieting never works, yada yada yada.  Well, unlike before when I tried just reducing caloric intake or at least reducing sugar intake, this time I’m going all in.

I have eliminated soda completely from my diet, for starters.  This alone is probably the single biggest individual contributer to my weight.  I am drinking a ton of water, both as a substitute for soda or other sugary drinks and also because it helps keep me from feeling hungry.  I am severely restricting my caloric intake; I aim to consume 1000 to 1500 fewer calories per day.  I am severely limiting my carbohydrate intake; I aim to consume less than 150 grams per day, preferably less than 100.  (According to this site, for weight loss I should consume about 217 grams per day, and once I’m at my target weight 221 grams for maintenance.)

I am eating more eggs, and plan to consume more protein in place of carbs.  I will be buying fruits and vegetables to snack on, instead of potato chips or cookies.

I am starting to exercise.  I hope to work up to regular planned sessions, but so far I’ve started with stretching exercises at home and lots of walking around the neighborhood while at work.  Tonight I plan on going to my apartment complexes gym, probably to ride the stationary bike.  (I’m not sure how to work any of the other equipment – yet.)

As for the pig-sty I call home, I’ve started cleaning.  Really cleaning, I mean.  I’ve already thrown out lots of stuff, and vacuumed a lot, including areas I’ve never cleaned since I moved in.  It’s still a pig-sty, but at least now you can see the floor in many places.  I try to do something, anything, no matter how small, every day.  As long as I clean more than I mess, it will eventually be clean.  Ideally, I would like to be able to leave my blinds open during the day without being embarrassed by what people might see inside.

Unfortunately, there are still two areas left untouched that I cannot change right now.  One is my teeth.  I desperately need to see a dentist; I have three broken teeth, and several more that are in danger of breaking.  One of them is right in front, so I never smile anymore.  The other is my job.  I need a real job, one that pays taxes and gives me benefits, like health insurance.  I cannot continue to deliver pizzas for the rest of my life.

Actually, there is a third area that is untouched.  I am still alone.  I have no girlfriend, nor even any close friends.  I cannot hope to get any until I have made these changes permanent.

P.S. I still haven’t watched Godzilla, nor have I watched the new “real” Godzilla.